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At the optometric practices of Dr. Chad Lawson, we are pleased to offer a wide range of optical and optometry services for our community. Our professional trained opticians have the experience and knowledge to assist you in selecting the best frame and lenses to suit your vision needs. By taking precise measurements we are able to create custom lenses specific to your vision needs.

Bethany Optical | Golden Optical offers a wide range of optical and optometry services for every member of our community. From comprehensive eye exams to disease management, Dr. Lawson and his team are here for your individual vision needs. Every person is different and so are your vision needs. We will work with you, to find what frame looks best, which lens is best for your lifestyle and vision needs, and make sure your vision is the best possible.

We bill most insurances and for those without insurance, we offer discounts on both the exam and materials.

At Cornell Aesthetics located in Bethany Optical, our Advanced Esthetician, Mary Ann provides personalized, non-invasive skin tightening around the eyes that helps relieve dry eye symptoms. Using the latest Radio Frequency technology with our TempSure Envi device, we can also tighten skin on the face and neck to minimize fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite resulting in tighter younger-looking skin.

Our Services:

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam
  • Contact Lens Evaluation
  • Medical Eye Exam
  • Dry Eye Treatment
  • Infant & Children’s Eye Exams
  • Disease Management (Glaucoma, Diabetes, etc.)
  • Lasik (laser surgery) Co-Management, Pre & Post-Op
  • Visual Accuracy & Field of Vision Assessments
  • Eye Injuries Assessment & Care
  • Prescriptions for Glasses and/or Contacts
Happy family looking at eyeglasses

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Our eye exams review the total health of your eye – so you can see the world with acuity and precision. We start with a consultation to discuss your personal and medical history. We then use state-of-the-art instruments to gauge your unique ocular characteristics, finding an exact prescription.

We test for degenerative eye conditions and other ailments, ensuring your eyes remain healthy. Our optometrists are your partners in caring for your eyes. We diagnose and treat medical conditions of all sorts, including conjunctivitis, allergic reactions, cataracts, retinopathy, glaucoma, dry eye, computer vision syndrome, diabetes, and sports injuries.

Contact Lens Evaluation

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to wearing glasses – though they are not right for every eye. Contact lens evaluations are important for your eye health. They help with:

  • Determing if contacts are right for you & your lifestyle
  • Proper lens fit & comfort
  • To ensure you understand the hygiene & safety prior to wearing contacts

A contact lens exam is always done after a comprehensive eye exam is performed to check on your eye health & gather a prescription.

Optomap Retinal Imaging

Here at Golden Optical, we provide the most up to date, and state-of-the-art technology in all of our comprehensive eye exams. At our office, we no longer need to dilate the eyes of our patients. (unless medically necessary)

Our Daytona Optomap is what gives us the ability to not dilate -the Optomap takes a photo of the back of your eye, giving us a 200 degree view. The Optomap provides us with an amazing comprehensive view to check on your eye health and aids us in detecting eye conditions and other diseases such as cancer, retinal detachment, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes are just the beginning of what this photo allows us to detect.